Friday, July 24, 2015

Work It, Girl!

So, I work. A lot.  I'm thankful for my job, but my hips speak the truth. Sitting for what amounts to thirteen hours and forty-five minutes definitely exacts its pound of flesh or twenty.  It's like the Freshman Fifteen on steroids.  I like to call it my Eobard, as I liken it to Barry Allen's nemesis, the Reverse Flash, 'cause, Sunshine, it's always around. That's the hazard of modern convenience. We become soft, pudgy, and generally lacking in zombie apocalypse survival skills. Don't get me wrong. I simply ADORE the fact that I'm not working sixteen hour days facing the most unforgiving Florida sunshine, but when the fight or flight hits, I want the option to do both, depending on the situation. Means I have to take steps to save my muscles from atrophy and the blanket of fatty fat fat tryin' to smother 'em.

So, what do I do? A little bit of everything. I fidget. I tap my feet at my desk. I bounce my legs. I tap my desk. I play pattycake. I make my paperwork less efficient. I put my inner office envelops in the appropriate cubbies each time instead of saving all my documents for one delivery because it means I get up and walk around and out of my office throughout my shift. I also pace...around and around and around I go. I pace the perimeter of my office and my break room. I stand. I wiggle. I walk/jog in place. And, when I'm alone, I dance a little jig. I'm sure it makes whoever has to watch the video feed cringe 'cause my moves are fan-flippin'-tastic! Then there's the super secret squirrel isometric gluteal liftin' squeezes. I also bring one of my favorite pieces of #AintGotTimeForExcuses equipment. It's a purse kettlebell. Couldn't find a pink one, but my name is Sarah Leigh and purple signifies royalty, as does my name. Kettlebell squats don't look cute, but they get the blood flowin' into your lower body muscles. I curl for my biceps, I extend for my triceps, and I even manage to hit my deltoids.  

Do I have it all figured out? No, but that's not the point. Like everything in life, my office routine is evolving. What I do today will help me do more tomorrow. Do something with me! You can pick up a hand weight or even get your very own purse kettlebell. If you cannot afford to purchase 'em, use what you have. You can use canned food, repurpose milk or OJ jugs by washing them/refilling them with water or sand, and walking is always free. Don't let a moment of #IDontWantTo lead to a lifetime of #ICantBecauseIWont.


  1. Keep up the good work! I recently got a Fitbit and I've become more conscious of my activities. I also have a very sedentary job, so I've shortened the amount of time I eat my lunch so that I can also take a 20 minute walk. In addition, I sometimes go to the restroom on a different floor in my building so that I can take the stairs and get moving a bit more. During my walks I have some ankle weights that i strap on so that my walk is more challenging. So far I've been able to get 10K steps and about 15-20 floors each day. Slow and steady wins the race right ? ;)

    1. Thanks and ditto! I am thrilled to hear that you're taking steps, too! 😉 I have a few people who mock my efforts, but these are the same people who are content with their habits. They're not willing to do what it takes to break out of the rut. I am. That's why I am freakishly sore right now. All those weighted squats and mad Russians are going to bring about results which simply cannot be denied. :-p