Tuesday, July 14, 2015

I Read a Story and I Liked It!

My name is Sarah Leigh and I have a problem.  I fall in love with secondary characters.  I love the main characters, too, of course, but I have their story before me.  I often get derailed by a burning need to know the story of the secondary characters and it is all Elizabeth Boyle's fault.  She breathes life and shenanigans into characters who most writers present as staid props.  And before Mrs. Boyle, I was never a fan of romance.  It was just too sketchy for my tastes, but leave it to her to make snobby me break down and embrace stories outside of my normal genres.  Again, I place the burden of blame at her feet.  She writes series and if you know me any at all, you know that I absolutely detest waiting for a new book in a series.  I'm twisted, I know, but I want all books available so I can read without pause, but on the same token, I am loathe to allow a series to end for fear of the characters living life without telling me the rest of their story.  At the risk of confirmation from the lady herself, I must confess to all but harassing her about new books and beloved characters.  Because I love the secondary characters and I'm dying to read their adventure.  For example, I've just read Mad About the Major (late, I know, but I'm lucky that I remember to don matching socks and/or shoes) and I loved it.  Perhaps not one of my favorites, but it was cute and fleshed out just so.  I enjoyed the simplicity of feelings between the two.  The twist was no twist at all, but that made it charming.  Being right about it somehow just made it seem so very right and fateful.  😉  Quite a lovely story, but now I'm a simmering pot of desire to read about Tuck and the last Tempest sister.  All those excerpts drag me in.  I liked ol' Tuck in Louisa's story and I found Lavinia to be of a romantic nature. Dancing and floundering in a puddle of ladies at Almack's after Alaster released his hold on her...  I just need to know!!!!

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