Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Bon Voyage and Fly Free!

So, my little brother flew the coop.  Well, he's leaving in his battered and weathered yellow Ford Ranger, heading to his lady love and his new life in Colorado in just a few short hours.  He's leaving a little bit early and this was all very quickly decided upon in the first place.  His going away present has yet to arrive.  Ordered him a Nook.  I read.  A lot.  Physical copies, as well as e-books. Haven't been able to use my Nook in quite some time because my brother pinched it from me.  Calm your knickers. I'm okay with him using it.  Actually pretty happy about it.  My brother is dyslexic and while some people take that to mean stupid, he isn't and he loves reading.  In addition to having dyslexia, he also suffered two TBIs whilst he was serving in the military, so he has a few issues with his memory and the like.  Since he has been using my Nook, he has powered through multiple series.  In fact, he was able to read through them so much more quickly than I anticipated that we had to buy him more books way before we would have had he been reading traditionally.  I guess the way we were able to manipulate the font/display and the Nook's natural bookmark really helped him.  While I'm on the fence about this move (I'm ALWAYS going to be Sissy, but it's good to be boy-free), I'm sure I purchased the right gift because reading is the magic which engages our hearts and our minds.  


  1. Your brother is going to love Colorado. My husband retired from the military and we decided to stay here. What a perfect gift for your bother, you're such a good sister.