Tuesday, October 21, 2014

A Mad Dash Down Memory Lane!

As a young lass, I constantly read!  I read almost anything I could get my grubby little paws on.  My favorites?  Reader's Digest!  Four in one, man!  It was like my birthday, Christmas, and just because all wrapped in one deliciously bound volume.  My parents, God bless 'em, grew tired of me reading manuals and they set me up with a subscription to RD.  I'd race to the mailbox, my little girl's heart beating with hope.  When my book arrived, I'd nearly float home, so buoyed by the delight of four new stories.  I didn't always make it to the house.  Sometimes, the nearest tree was the best I could do.  Engrossed, the story would steal away my day, but I never entertained the idea that my day had been wasted.  I was always on an adventure!  I rode horses, I danced ever so prettily at the ball, I learned how to crank a Model T, I battled evil swordsmen, and so much more.  I travelled the world while sitting with my back pressed against the solid strength of my "reading" trees.  I would spend hours completely immersed in these written worlds.  It was a source of frustration to anyone who tried to gain my attention.  I wasn't ignoring them.  I just couldn't hear my name over the voices of the characters. 

I'm older now and I still love to read.  I'm still going places without leaving.  My taste has changed a bit, broadened if you will, as I've aged.  I've recently stumbled into the world of romance novels thanks to the wonderful Elizabeth Boyle (If you haven't read any of her books, remedy that with a quickness; she's awesome!).  However, I catch my mind darting down memory lane, trying to recollect some of the stories I read during those long ago days.  I cannot tell you how often I have poured over Google and all but harassed my local librarians in an attempt to find a book from my childhood.  It always comes in little snippets, just enough to tease me without mercy, but not enough to have a solid lead.  Until tonight.  It all started with the word "estate" and it jostled around in my brain until I broke my computer out of hibernation and started stalking the seven seas of the world wide web.  I knew there was an estate to which a young girl came to visit.  It wasn't her family, but she became an honorary member, so to speak, as the family embraced her.  I couldn't remember a single character's name or the name of the estate, but through meticulous research, I had a hit which lead me to my prize.  Coming Home by Rosamunde Pilcher!  I was all of eleven when I read it, but to this day, I remember being so invested in the characters that I cried, I balked, and I angrily denied anything which didn't happen the way I wanted it to and rejoiced when goodness slipped through the pages and kissed my characters!  I'm nearly thirty-one, so we're talking a few months shy of two entire decades.  You have to love a character that can draw you back in after that many years!

Surely I'm not the only one...


  1. Oh you are an avid reader and it shows in the way you speak and express yourself. It is a true joy to converse with you about books. Even when we don't agree on books, we know that its okay and the joy of reading is really all that's important.

    1. You know the trials I've faced due to the manner in which I speak and write...lol. In any event, our taste profile does tend to vary greatly, but that simply allows us to view the world through the perspective which is not our own. :-) Sometimes, I get tickled by your take on things because my brain never would have taken me there. If for no other reason, it works for that reason alone!